COHORS is a team effort. But there’s no such thing as a coach or a captain. The individual product (and the design it is based on) determines the line-up and the strategy. In other words: for every new product the COHORS team re-invents itself. Of course COHORS does have steady basis, so let us introduce to you…

Nancy Hoffmann

Founder & Curator

“People around tell me to put myself on the foreground, but I prefer to empower and support from the background; let people thrive and excel under the most perfect circumstances. As an art historian and curator I was educated to be an advocate for the arts; something I have taken very serious and approached from many angles in the International art scene. COHORS was molded around the experiences I had and the research I did in this field. Especially as a tutor, seeing so many young talented professionals looking for a place where they can freely create and develop. I sincerely hope you can feel the vibrant energy and devotion we all put in this company.”


Rianne Petter

Graphic designer & Art director


Marian Oudenes

Creative marketing

Paul van Mieghem

In-house writer

I told COHORS I’m a writer. COHORS believed me. Then they asked me to write about them.
“Tell me who you are”, I said.
They answered: “We don’t know.”
“You don’t know who you are?”
“Not really. Who do you think we are?”
I paused to think. “I’m not sure.”
“You don’t have to be.”
On that condition, I got started.
That’s how I became their in-house writer.

P.S. that annoying finger that’s popping up here and there on this website. That’s me.