Specs Trouvé

The Trouvé table lamp is powered by a dimmable Soraa® SLE16 led engine with a light temperature of 2700K (warm light).

TROUVÉ comes in four colors: Passionate Black, Royal Orange, Gallantly Green and Champagne Chique. It’s made out of anodized aluminum, except for the acrylate lampshade.


  • Height base: 220 mm, ⌀ 133 mm
  • Height rod: 580 mm, ⌀ 8 mm
  • ⌀ lampshade: 400 mm

230 V earthed wall socket.

Only use Trouvé indoor (IP20), do not use it in humid conditions.

To ensure a desired lifetime, Tc point on the led may NEVER exceed 80 °C at any time in life. If you have any specific questions, please contact us. You can download our TROUVÉ brochure here.