a pop-art memorial for a year to forget

Will we remember 2020?

We stopped traveling, moving, going places. The idea of distance took a whole new meaning.

We couldn’t care less about discovering unknown places or making new friends. Instead we worried about the places we knew and the people we loved.

What we longed for, more than anything else, was right in front of us, but yet far away and out of reach. All we could do was close our eyes to recall the sensation of skin to skin.



Tele-exotica was created by Mark Mulder and Rianne Petter from the Studio for Visual Popculture, taking off from the idea: “what did we gain with this pandemic?”. The landscapes were build-up out of skin from people with all kinds of skin colors and skin types living and breathing close to them. They created images we are all familiar with or longed for during these challenging times: remote places, art historical references, botanical shapes and even intergalactic objects. And not to forget: a little wink here and there.

This unique product is produced in an edition of 350 pieces each.

Video’s for this project were made by Joost Camaro. Our in-house poet, Paul van Mieghem, wrote the proza for this project.


longing for your touch

when we still had places to go

the touch of your skin

I took for granted

never again

Joost Camaro>

Motion Graphic Design