Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement


Engaging with and caring for people is very important to COHORS. As part of this commitment COHORS continuously cares of persons integrity and control over personal data. This is a description of how COHORS looks upon data privacy and what we do to fulfill our obligation towards you and to our Partners.


Our privacy policy in a nut-shell

COHORS shield and protects your integrity and your personal information and we always strive to be transparent on how we handle your personal data. It is also important to us to handle it lawfully and in a fair way. Therefore, COHORS does not collect and use more personal data than needed to be able to fulfill your demand and expectations on us. We also put an effort into how we protect your data, we never sell your personal data to a third party and only transfer it to other companies within COHORS group or to our trusted partners for them to perform their tasks, for example for delivery we transfer data to the transporting company and for payment we transfer data to our payment provider.

In addition to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant laws and regulations COHORS respects the local legislation on personal data.

In this document we describe step by step how, where, what and why we collect and use your personal data and how we protect your rights.

Some important principles in short

We will do our best to protect your integrity by:

  • Being transparent in informing you how we collect and use personal data.
  • Only collect the data needed to process and fulfil our commitment.
  • Only collect data that is to your benefit, for improving our performance in providing our products and services.
  • Only provide information to affiliated companies, partners or service provider to enable them to fulfill their obligations to you and us.
  • Only keep data for as long needed to perform our obligations (maximum of 6 months).
  • Upon your request provide information of what personal data that we hold and handle and on what legal ground.
  • Protect your personal data by e.g. security systems, annonymisation and encryption.
  • Inform you about breaches including possible consequences when they occur and inform you about the necessary taken measures to prevent breaches in the future.

You have the right to:

  • Request that we provide all your personal data that we handle once a year, free of charge.• Request that we correct your personal data.

    • Request that we limit our use of your personal data:

    • To the extent permitted by law request that we delete your personal data.

    • Request that we provide your personal data in machine-readable form, so called “Data portability”

Personal data controller is COHORS and sometimes its subsidiaries. In certain occasions a partner may be the Personal data controller when that is the case, we will address that separately.

Collecting Data

The information we collect is normally your name, customer number, address, phone number, e-mail address. We do not collect any data that isn’t necessary for us to fulfil our business services.

Storing of data 

COHORS will store data at its servers owned by COHORS and located at COHORS BV, Schiemond 20, NL3024 EE Rotterdam, The Netherlands, or at servers provided by our partners or our service partners. In all cases the Data will be stored within EEA restrictions (EU soil).

Protection of data 

COHORS limits the use of personal data by the following measures; its design and by not using technologies that are intrusive or capture data not needed to enable COHORS to deliver COHORS products and services. Privacy is a default working method at COHORS. We only collect personal data when products or services are ordered, or when a consumer request us to provide support or information. Privacy is designed into systems by prioritising security and data protection as part of the design and using privacy enhancements techniques like encryption and anonymisation.

When visiting through https, you provide personal information in conjunction with a transaction that are called secure pages (encrypted transfer of information). COHORS is using certificates issued by Antagonist Webhosting. Such a certificate guarantees that you are communicating with our web site,, and that the transfer of information is encrypted.

Card payment transactions with COHORS or our payment service provider use high-grade encryption technology.

Handling of Data

COHORS cares about and protect your integrity and personal privacy using GDPR standards. We do our best to fulfil your expectations and perform in accordance with the agreement that we have with you to sell and deliver our products and to support you and share information with you. It is important to us that you understand how we handle your personal data when you visit our site, this is a description step by step what happens when you decide to interact with us through buying something on our web-shop, ask for help or sign up for a newsletter.

Visiting our web-shop and ordering our products

When you visit our web-shop and order our products you have to go to the check-out section where you will be asked to fill in what product you want to order, the contact and delivery details for us to be able to pick, pack and send the product to you. Some of this personal data will be shared with our transporters.

Payment and invoice information 

During the checkout you need to select payment method and fill in the payment details (such as e.g. card details, card number, expiry date, CCV no) needed to process your payment for your order through our payment service provider.

The payment and invoice information are being collected by us without saving it and transferred securely to our payment partners for payments and/or for Invoice.