Milan Boonstra


Inspired by the rough edges of life Milan choose to place Trouvé right in the middle of Amsterdam’s famous Red-Light District. He searched for a pleasure house that actually treats its sex workers as the serious hard-working people they are, and independent as they should be. Since he’s not interested in putting Trouvé next to a plant on a coffee table (and COHORS isn’t either), he decided this was the perfect setting for both his work and the table lamp.

looking for the weird and the crazy

Milan Boonstra

“While most people act reasonably normal during the day, they really let themselves go at night. Drugs and alcohol make them more real than they really are. Instead of behaving like people expect them to, they can finally reveal their true faces. When the sun goes down, everybody is his own king and his own downfall.” This is one of the main fascinations in the world of Milan Boonstra. He is often seen scouring the streets, checking in on the local nightlife, with his camera, looking for the weird and the crazy.