Joost Camaro

Motion Graphic Design

Joost Camaro loved to play around scrapyards when he was young. So when he heard that Trouvé was created out of ‘objects trouvé’ (found objects) he spun his own story around it. This became the bases for the story he is trying to tell about the lamp. He was fascinated by the skin of the aluminium and wanted to get as close as possible, he told us. Joost tried to put each color into its own mood, although the eerie feeling of an abandoned scrapyard stays around until the end of the film.

anything comes to live and blooms

Basically, anything Joost sets his mind to comes to live and blooms: music, video art, sculptures, video-clips, shorts, motion graphics. About 15 years ago he became fascinated with digital imaging. Between discovering that world (studying Image Media Technology in Utrecht) and making it his own, he was the mastermind behind some pretty great music festivals. But still, when he’s sucked into that computer screen, he’s a virtuoso when it comes to working with film and animation. And why not let the result just speak for itself.

P.S. Pssst! Camaro also created the COHORS animation at the beginning of our website.