Eveline Schram

Artwork & Graphic Design

When the world of Eveline Schram reveals itself to you, everything seems to be ‘just’ feminine and delightfully light-hearted. But at second glance the little stigma’s and moments of uneasiness a modern-day woman is confronted with, are subtly woven into the colorful scenery. Quickly after that you are being drawn back into the mesmerizing depths of her bright and hypnotizing landscapes. For Trouvé she wanted to symbolize the different views and perspectives that have been created for the lamp in general, by all the artists.

love for illustration and graphic fine arts

After obtaining a Bachelor in cultural sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Eveline went on to study graphic design at Willem the Kooning Academy. During an internship she discovered her love for illustration and graphic fine arts. Nowadays she mostly creates graphic artworks, paintings and murals.

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