Eric Magnée


Eric composed the soundtracks for the Trouvé lamps, mixing-in samples of the sound the aluminium makes when you start beating the rod on the base, or running the heatsink of the Trouvé base into a wall. Actually, we do not really want to know what Eric did with our gorgeous lamps, but the music is no. 1 on COHORS’ office playlist right now. We have made this soundtrack not only exclusively available for our Trouvé customers, because this soundscape just needs to be heard by as many people as possible.

exploring the art of creating sound

Eric Magnée is a musician, sound artist and composer. We’re not allowed to tell he played in different progressive rock bands where he developed his love for strange sounds and theatrical performances, but we like to reveal innocent little secrets about our artists. During his study at the HKU-KMT (Music and Technology) he discovered new ways of expressing his artistic output and began to explore the art of creating sound. Since then Eric composes for theatre and dance, performs with live electronics, builds his own instruments and writes his own software to accomplish all this. He currently conquers stages worldwide together with his colleagues of the Smartphone Orchestra which is really something you should try to see and experience.