The design label COHORS creates a stage for designers and artists. It enables them to express and excel, experiment and explore. COHORS offers time and space for inspiration and ideas, success and failure.

Obviously, you are more than welcome to buy our designers’ products. But before and beyond that, we showcase their unique artistic views.

COHORS is on the march. Moving art and design back to the front lines of society, right where it belongs. Checking the pulse of our species, our planet, our civilization. Keeping a close watch on what makes you and him and her and us and them tick. Triggering the senses in every way we can, climbing the aesthetic barricades if we have to.

Confusion and Mayhem

We can’t promise you that your COHORS experience will be smooth and well-organized. More accurately: we can promise you that it won’t. Confusion and mayhem are inevitable when it comes to developing truly new images, insights and ideas.

Welcome chaos and enjoy it.

After all, COHORS is just an idea. An unusual, strange and funny idea. But didn’t every wonderful thing you have ever seen or experienced start with an unusual, strange or funny idea?

Prepare your senses

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For COHORS the most interesting forms of art and design are multi-dimensional and multi-sensual. We’re here to make you feel, see, hear, taste and smell.

We aim to please and fascinate you.

To challenge you and frighten you.

To move you and puzzle you.